Thursday, 8 September 2011

Need: Production DBA: Dallas, TX

Production DBA


Duration:          1 year

Location:          Dallas, TX - 75202


This is an Oracle DBA role requiring deep Production experience with the capabilities and specialties listed. Expert level Oracle DBA experience is required with Enterprise Architecture experience. In addition to the expert level database administration skills the candidate will also require extensive database design, troubleshooting, environment management, SQL tuning, application design and data management. Skills are to be hands on and not just OEM experience.


Additional skills include:

·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5/5.6 or Deep Unix skills, Oracle DBA - 10+ years,

·         Oracle Tuning - 5+ years

·         Backup Expert

·         EMC storage

·         Real Application Clustering

·         Production Monitoring

·         Web Architecture

·         SQL Tuning

·         KSH and BASH Scripting/Scripting

·         PL/SQL

·         Technical & Enterprise Architecture - 5+ years

·         High Availability

·         Data Replication expert

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